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Revolutionize your customer engagement strategy.

Exceptional customer experience doesn’t happen by chance - the right tools are needed. That is why Nubitel CC, a complete Omni-channel Cloud Contact Center platform which is able to intelligently route all of customer interactions, such as emails, voice, video calls, chats, social media and integrate with leading CRMs. Nubitel CC is also capable to help companies schedule and improve workforce, as well as analyse trends.


Companies no longer have to worry about maintenance and high investments. The Cloud infrastructure is popular because of its simplified software deployment, which allows cost efficiency and increased business agility. Companies also do not have to worry about safety, as Nubitel CC is powered by Microsoft Azure, a recognized leader in security, privacy and compliance matters.


Connect with your customers over their preferred channels such as voice call, video call, web, mobile, social media, email, or chat. Nubitel CC allows companies to interact with their customers from all channels in one single interface.


Scale up or down quickly and effortlessly without the restrictions of hardware. Add or remove agents with just a click. Nubitel provides out-of-the-box integration with leading CRMs, including Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics as well as Mircotel’s in-house Case Management System.



Agents can work from anywhere on any operating system without installing any software.

Voice, Video, Chat, Email and Social Media interactions in a single interface without toggling between applications.

Determines which interaction in the queue, based on media channel, should be delivered to each agent.

Hold, mute, consult, transfer calls…all the required telephony operations.

Customize message for queued customers, allow them to request a call back or drop a voicemail message and keep customers engaged.

Customers click a button and immediately contact your contact center through voice, video or chat.

Create custom scripts and guide your agents' interactions.


Directs inbound calls to a specific agent/group based on configured business rules and algorithms.

Give customers access to self-service menu options along with the ability to talk to a live agent. 

Match customers with agents by routing the customer to the most suitable agent.

Forward calls to any external phones. Ensure agents are always available and never miss a call.

When a call drops, route the call to the last agent and maintain the flow of the conversation.

Configure written text to be verbally transmitted over the IVR and easily configure greetings or menus; customers can hear options in their own language.


  • Preview Dialer allows agents to review customer information before launching or rejecting a call.
  • Power Dialer continuously dials but only places calls when agents are available which automates outbound campaigns.
  • Predictive Dialer is used to optimize agents' idle time.

Screens out unproductive calls and avoids wasting time.

Configure the best phone number to display on outbound calls. It is known callers prefer to receive calls from local numbers.

Mix multichannel inbound and outbound capabilities and increase contacts per hour and reduce idle times.


  • SugarCRM
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Salesforce

Standard off-the-shelf integration with Zendesk & Microtel Case Management System.

Interaction history across channels. This saves processing time by providing agents with a unified customer interaction record. 


Monitor campaigns, queues, IVRs, scripts, lists, departments, teams and agents performance from any device for immediate action.

Comprehensive data of interactions, campaigns, agents and teams to help you make informed business decisions.

Set customizable thresholds and accelerate response to emerging situations.

Personalized dashboards and views to monitor real-time KPIs and quickly identify problems.

Record agent desktops and improve your interactions' quality monitoring by analyzing the agents' desktop behavior.


Contact volume forecast, staff scheduling, shift management, SLAs planning. The right balance between cost and service level.

Visually monitor agents' seats. Create visual thresholds and alarms.

Tools to encourage healthy competition among agents. It creates competition and keeps agents engaged and motivated.

Assign training sessions to agents and/or teams based on performance evaluations. This helps improve agents' performance and knowledge.


Get to know Nubitel. Chat with us for about 15 minutes about your project, and we'll help you find the solution.