A true omnichannel
social chat platform

With official API from various social chat, Nubitel links your business to multiple messaging channels, centralizing all customer interactions into a true omnichannel social chat platform.

Unify and Manage All Your Social Chat Messaging
in A Single Platform

As social messaging app is becoming more mainstream, it's important to
have a solution to manage all the customer interactions.

This is why we only use the official API that is stable and consistent in giving the best service to your customers.

Having an omnichannel messaging platform for business is so vital in order to compete in the competition within your industry locally or internationally. The cost for your customers or potential prospects to switch to your competitors is so low that it is hard to retain a loyal customer if you do not leverage on omnichannel messaging platform. Nubitel helps you to reduce your response time, increase customer satisfaction and close deals at a faster rate. All these goals can be achieved through Nubitel’s ecosystem where it enables you to respond to all enquiries coming from all social messaging app at once as well as track and monitor social chat platform.

With more than five billion messaging app accounts across the globe, the way we communicate with customers has essentially transformed.

Customers are ready to chat with businesses in a more convenient and personal way and businesses aware that they have to be wherever customers are.

New Era of Social Chat Messaging

Nubitel links your business to all the world’s messaging channels for a more personalized customer experience.

Integrate with Chat Apps

In today’s messaging-centric world, Nubitel’s omnichannelsocial chat platform improves your ability to respond quickly to your customer enquiries and increase customer satisfaction. Our supported social messaging apps include Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM, WeChat, Line, Viber, Telegram and Instagram.

Embed Click2Interact Buttons in
Web & Mobile Chat

Nubitel Click2Interact function for Web, iOS and Android allows your business to leverage new customer experiences where customer can choose Click2Call, Click2Chat, Click2Video and Click2CallBack with no extra charges.

More Than Just An Omnichannel Platform

By implementing Nubitel, your business has access to conversational data and an invincible messaging platform.

omnichannel platform nubitel
Powerful Omnichannel Experience
A true omnichannel experience by enabling businesses to deliver real-time engagement across multiple touchpoints in a single platform.
Send Interactive Messages
Enable human agents and bots to send rich message types like buttons and carousels to any channel.
Build a Holistic Customer Profile
Capture and maintain context across touchpoints so businesses can authenticate users and personalize conversations.
High Availability and Security
Not all messaging channels provide the same service levels, visibility or support. Nubitel’s highly available and secure cloud infrastructure ensure your messaging strategy can scale with Nubitel.

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