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Nubitel as a Cloud PBX provider enables the full provision of a full-featured IP PBX (Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange) services via the internet. Utilizing the Nubitel cloud-based PBX functionality allows businesses to implement solutions purely based on IP (Internet Protocol). The Virtual IP PBX system is an optimal solution for businesses that are looking for a VoIP business phone system that is scalable without being reliant on any hardware. With a cloud-based VoIP solution, businesses can scale up or down easily. The VoIP PBX system solution is also very appealing to enterprises with geographically dispersed locations, they do not have to acquire separate PBX for each location. This is very cost effective for all the businesses when they are utilizing the cloud-based PBX.

Nubitel’s Cloud PBX offers comprehensive PBX functionalities in a centralized system. The only hardware required by the customers (end users) are terminals such as IP-phones and IP-DECT (a technology used for on-site wireless communications) systems. In fact, customers can also do away with the hard phones and use their mobile phones, laptop or any device with Internet connection as their office phone extensions. The phone extensions can be easily configured on the web portal and auto-provisioned to the hard phones or mobile apps. All these end devices are connected to the Nubitel Cloud PBX through IP Network, users not only can make local or overseas call, they can also receive incoming calls using the office phone from wherever they may be. Employees can work anywhere with flexibility using their device of choice. With the mobile convergence, employees can answer office calls from anywhere and any time. This feature is what an on-premise PBX could not achieve or require a lot of customization which is very troublesome for businesses to handle.

Nubitel is the right VoIP system to fulfill all your business needs. It is essential for every business to have highly reliable and cost-effective VoIP solutions, no matter which vertical you are in or the business size you are running.


Benefits of VoIP for Businesses


The mobile workforce today has become more dispersed which makes collaboration between departments and teams more difficult.

With Nubitel’s VoIP solution, you can choose your preferred forms of communications such as voice, video calling, instant messaging, video conferencing and so on.


Your current office phone system actually costs more than VoIP solutions. It’s quick and easy to set up without engaging IT, hiring technicians, or contacting vendors. You get a single communications platform that’s highly reliable and secure at lower cost for sure. You don’t have to maintain on-site equipment or infrastructure as VoIP only runs on your broadband connection. You can concentrate more on running and expanding your business instead of managing your phone system.

Change your business communications with Nubitel hosted VoIP system, you will get to utilize the advanced capabilities available only to large organizations in Singapore most of the time, at a lower cost than you imagine. 

Nubitel’s Virtual PBX offers access to all features such as Auto-Attendant / Multi-level IVR (Interactive Voice Response), 3 Way Conferencing, Voicemail, Call Distribution, Hunt Group, Real-time Billing, Instant Messaging, Call Forking, Video Call, Time of Day Routing, Class of Service as well as PBX features – call forwarding, call waiting, call pickup and call park etc. The voicemails from Callers or Customers that are left in your inbox can be sent directly to your personal email with caller information. For more information about IP phone system, click on the Free Trial icon below, one of the best Cloud PBX providers in Singapore, to get your free consultation and free trial!

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