SIP Trunking

Nubitel SIP Trunking delivers high quality voice connections with advanced inbound and outbound features for your business across the region.

Nubitel SIP Trunking VS Traditional ISDN

Save up to 50% on cloud and 25% on calls

2 days

Configuration and Implementation
3 weeks
Phone lines can be added and removed instantly as you wish

Addition and removal of phone lines often takes months depending on your supplier and number of lines are limited
Easy to be used in different locations as it is Internet-based, hence it allows remote usage

Difficult to move around with physical hardware
Reroute calls can be implemented to backup sites or your devices easily

Disaster Recovery / Contingency
System will go down and require redundant circuits
Well mapped out and ready for voice/data convergence

Separate networks for voice and data
As number resides in the IP-PBX, no extra work is needed

Relocating Phone Numbers
Number porting is required when relocation happens

How Nubitel SIP Trunking works

Business Use Case
Transform Your Business to Cloud with Nubitel

Retail Shops

Retail shops can make use of the Nubitel phone system by connecting all their branches under one phone system instead of having to own multiple PBXs in every retail. This helps them to save up on call charges as each retail will be assigned with an extension. Dialing between extensions are free of call charges.

Offices with Multiple Branches/Sites – Overseas or Locally

Similarly, offices with multiple branches/sites, regardless of geographic location, can manage and unify your phone system into one. This saves on costs for hardware maintenance and management of various phone systems in multiple sites. The interbranch calls are all zero cost.

Businesses who have employees who travel often

With Nubitel App, employees who are out of office or overseas can save on IDD call rates and be reachable no matter where they are. Nubitel app can act as the employee’s desk phone. For instance, a customer calls in to the office and looks for the specific employee, the call can be transferred to the employee even if he is not in office or overseas travelling.

Businesses with dispatch team

Similar to above, you can have your dispatch team install Nubitel app in their phones. You can reach them by just dialing their extension. This allows businesses to save on call charges as this will be treated as an extension-to-extension call.

Businesses with virtual office or remote employees

Nubitel can be used by businesses that do not have a physical office – therefore no phone system. These users can still have an office main line (more professional) instead of putting their mobile phone in the name card.

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