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Speech Analytics and Sentiment Analysis

Gain valuable insights from your customer engagement using AI technologies

Why do you need Speech Analytics?

Studies conducted by Bloomberg Business Week has shown that great customer experience should be the top objective for businesses. If your business isn’t currently focused on creating positive experiences, you're in risk of bad reputation, decrease in customer retention and revenue. Speech analytics gives you a bird-eye view to what your customers think & feel about your brand, products or services, and the overall experience your business provides. With this vital data generated, you can take proactive measures to strategize and formulate your business engagement with your customers.

With Nubitel's AI-powered modules, we enable your business to tap into your customers' voice and provide you with actual insights so that you can understand your customers better.

Speech Analytics with Sentiment Analysis Tool
Improve customer experience (CX) and drive customer-centric decision making in your business

Mine Your Contact Center Recordings for Valuable Insights
Know what your customers are calling for. Find out your customer needs and trends.

Lower Costs of Adoption and Improve CX
Transcribe and analyze millions of calls to discover customer insights and improve contact center performance. Businesses are spending millions of dollars on Market Research campaigns on their customers and industries, but many businesses do not know that the recordings that are sitting in their system can be analyzed for valuable insights and are customers' actual voice & sentiment towards the brand.
Automated Speech-to-Text Transcription & Word Trends
Turn your voice recordings, text transcriptions from your various omnichannel endpoints with your customers into business intelligence. Identify keywords, topics or trends from your various campaigns.
Sentiment Detection
Are your customers happy with your brand, products or services, and the overall experience? Nubitel allows your business to analyze your voice recordings to detect happy/unhappy emotions in your customer's voice and even your customer-facing agents
Comprehensive Dashboard & Reporting
Bird's eye view of your business' analyzed data daily, monthly & yearly in a single interface. Perform searches on trends, keywords & topics to identify issues to remedy the situation whereby any conversation has quality deterioration occurs.

Why choose Nubitel?

Team of Professionals with Expertise
Nubitel's team of professionals are equipped with years of experience in the Contact Center industry.
Full Ecosystem of Customer Engagement Solution
Nubitel provides a full range of end-to-end solutions for your contact center needs with state-of-the-art technologies so that you do not have to manage between multiple vendors.
High Security Cloud Solution
Nubitel offers enterprise-grade security and availability, your data is safely secured & protected.
Flexible Contract
Nubitel's affordable pay-as-you-go pricing model enables you to pay only based on the number of hours of call recordings you transcribe.

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