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Nubitel gives your company a true enterprise-class PBX system or Virtual Business Phone System without the hassle and expense of complex licenses. It is a Virtual PBX or IP Centrex System that offers PBX functionality provided by a centralized system. You no longer need to invest heavily on new equipment, Nubitel requires only an IP-phone or your mobile device and you're set. Our functional architecture allows your business to operate concurrently with other systems and easily manage multiple locations that are geographically dispersed.

Nubitel’s functionality includes popular features such as conference calls, call-forking, group-calls, voice-mail, IVR and CTI integration. A fully integrated fixed-mobile convergence solution ensures the seamless operation and handover between Wi-Fi, GSM/mobile and fixed line voice networks. The "one number" concept enables a transparent call-distribution amongst mobile and fixed IP phones. The PBX features are not only available in the fixed network but also on integrated smartphones and on the move via laptops or pads.


In combination with Nubitel’s Class 5 system, the virtual PBX solution can run on a parallel system or even be installed on the same hardware. This Virtual Business Phone System provides Flexible expansion and optimal use of the installed resources that ensures a future proof design and enable to expand the system in parallel to the growth of the customer base to ensure an enhanced Customer Experience.


For corporate customers, the use of a Virtual PBX offers a wealth of advantages. Namely, the initial low investment and the fact that the system is maintenance free, cloud based and managed by Microtel. The ability to integrate home office and new branch offices as well as free calls for all internal communication, and much more.




Operations & Maintenance

TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)






Nubitel PBX

• Unlimited number of users
• Can easily be extended

• Common dialing plan & advanced feature set
• Centralised system management
• Auto Provisioning available
Moving from CAPEX to OPEX
• Internet and Intranet
• SIP Phones and Smartphones integration
• Carrier class reliability & geographic redundancy
• 5 x 9’s for system reliability
• No opensource
Seamless Smartphone integration
IM and Presence
• Enhanced feature set
• Video Conferencing
• Advanced SIP phones and Mobile Clients

Traditional PBX

• 1-1K users
• Cannot be extended once full
• Hard-to-manage dialing plans
• Service islands
• Each system needs to be managed separately
• No Auto Provisioning
Require high initial CAPEX investment
• Intranet only
• Mainly analogue and proprietary phones
• Multiple points of failure
• 3-4 x 9’s for system reliability
• Windows-based? Opensource?
• Smartphones not supported
• IM and Presence not supported
• Basic feature set
• Legacy analogue phones


An automated receptionist that respond to the caller's requests professionally.

Easily activate features such as call forwarding, speed dial and do not disturb.

Intra-company extension dialing at your convenience

Retrieve voicemails through your email inbox.

Minimize missed calls by forwarding calls to a different line while out of the office.

Connect three parties for a conference call seamlessly and effortlessly.

Transfer calls to other numbers or company extensions.

Connect multiple parties using one time authentication.

Customize your own music or campaign message.

Easily switch to Do Not Disturb mode to prevent calls from interrupting your work.

Access to your business's phone directory for every extension.

Easily access your call logs.

Customize calls setting to your needs through the web portal.

Customize calls setting to your needs through the web portal.

Schedule and customize your working hours, redirect calls after your working hours.

Customizable restrictions for all extension on low rate international calls.

Send and receive calls, as if youíre at your desk by using your mobile device.

Record calls and easily retrieve them from the web portal.


Get to know Nubitel. Chat with us for about 15 minutes about your project, and we'll help you find the solution.