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Nubitel UCC offers a browser based meeting environment using the Web RTC technology with end-to-end encrypted audio and video conferencing, business-class slideshow presentation, document sharing, text chat, and tools to take business meetings to the next level.

With Nubitel UCC’s HD video and audio, discover a new possibility to work together efficiently even with distant constraints.

Employees can save costs and time with Nubitel UCC which allows them to conduct a meet instantly from anywhere and join from any browser, device, or system.

Companies can secure meetings by setting up passwords. The Nubitel UCC application servers are hosted in Switzerland; therefore, the data is protected under the Swiss data protection and privacy laws. All the communication channels are encrypted end-to-end, Nubitel uses security certificates that are of the same grading that electronic banking applications use. Secure audio and video meeting rooms with Nubitel UCC for an improved collaboration experience.

Nubitel UCC utilizes the WebRTC technology and is very user friendly. Schedule any meeting with just a few clicks and send meeting invitations directly from the application. Automated minutes of meeting, web chat and drawing board provide the necessary presentation tools for any video meeting. Files, documents and drawings that are shared during the meeting can be sent to participants’ emails.

Registration of accounts are not required for meeting participants to join. Participants can join meetings from anywhere, with any device, browser or system with the unique meeting link. Now your team can be productive wherever they are located. Nubitel UCC is 100% browser based, no need to install expensive equipment in dedicated meeting rooms, any standard desktop computer or notebook will do.


  • Easy meeting scheduling with calendar invitations
  • End-to-end encrypted audio and videoconferencing in HD quality
  • Whiteboard and document sharing
  • Shared meeting minutes and private notes
  • Screen sharing and live presentations
  • Automatically compiled and distributed meeting summaries
  • Unique access link for each meeting
  • User friendly web application ready to go
  • Conference recording and playback function
  • Scalable cloud solution without software installation for end users
  • 100% WebRTC and HTML 5
  • Combined video and audio participants


Some of the use cases of Nubitel UCC are:

Hold online events, consultations, interviews and presentations

Offer courses, trainings and distance learning

Conduct team meetings and project management follow-up

Provide remote support

Extension of existing solutions by integration of web collaboration and communication


Get to know Nubitel. Chat with us for about 15 minutes about your project, and we'll help you find the solution.