Build, manage, integrate, train, analyse and publish your personalized bot in matter of minutes


Knowledge Base

Build a corporate FAQ for your internal employees or customers so that your HR, IT, and other departments don't have to answer the same questions.

Service Industry

Enable customers to quickly and easily check dining choices, or chat directly to make a reservation. Check for hotel booking, movie or flight ticket schedules and make reservations.

Event Assistant

Provide event information and resources quickly and conversationally conveying the brand and voice of your event. Set up notifications for upcoming events and hot deals.

Sales Lead Generation

Build the perfect store assistant to support the customer journey by delivering insights and information, suggest similar products, answer any product questions, and take the user through to cart or pass qualified customer leads to service representatives.

IT Helpdesk

Smart, cognitive chatbots that transform the enterprise IT helpdesk and act as the Level 1 interface for query resolution, troubleshooting, ordering, status checking, new software training and more.


Reduce the process and improve the accuracy of symptoms collection and ailment identification, preventive care, post recovery care and feedback procedures. Check doctor schedules, update or book appointments.


Deploy Anywhere

Deploy Nubibot to where your customers are. Nubibot supports platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Telegram, WeChat, SMS or on your own website.

Intent & Behavior Models

Nubibot enable you to tailor your bots to be "more human" with our chat engine that runs through user queries and reply with appropriate responses.

Rich UI Chat Interface

Don't be restricted by text, Nubibot allows your chatbots to be more expressive by rendering information in image carousels, quick replies, multi-bubble replies.

Bot Management Portal

Review conversation histories and correct chatbots on queries they can't answer and they will learn from it. Generate and extract chat histories or chat traffic reports. Take over or monitor ongoing chat conversations.

Transfer to Live Agents

Allows seamless transfer to live agents. Ability to barge-in to chats handled by bots to offer immediate escalated support. Automatically transfers to the next available agents to manage time in peak periods.

No Programming Required

Effortlessly build, manage, integrate, train and deploy your chatbots from one platform. Connect to your favorite service platforms without any programming language skills.

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