Empower Your Employees With Mobility Through Cloud Telephony.

Be Connected with Your Business Freely Anytime and Anywhere.

Nubitel Unified Communications (Nubitel UC), powered by Microtel Technology, is a revolutionary cloud telephony system that works using the internet. Through cloud telephony, your customers can call your business phone numbers and reach your employees, wherever they are. Using the same system, your employees will also be connected to each other, allowing them to make free internal phone calls and conference calls; releasing them from the physical location restrictions of legacy phone exchange networks.


A true enterprise-class PBX system without the hassle and the expense of complex licences. Nubitel UC requires only an IP-phone or your mobile device and your business is able to operate concurrently with other systems. Easily manage multiple locations that are geographically dispersed.

Unified Communications (UC) are telco-grade plug and play telephony system. Customers save over 50% on monthly phone service costs. Nubitel is a cloud-based business telephony service which caters to small and big enterprises which want dedicated numbers for their internal and external use. You no longer have to invest in an expensive and traditional on-site telephony system that might not be effective for your current business model and strategy anymore.

As technology today is moving forward very fast, unified communications as a service (UCaaS) with advanced features is highly sought by companies which know the importance of change in customer behaviour. By employing unified communications solutions, it eliminates huge investment in startup costs and it’s very simple to adopt business telephony system. Your company can enhance Unified Communication experience with video conferencing and instant messaging upgrade. It is also available on both iOS and Android for your mobile version of unified communications as a service.

Nubitel ensures that our technology is up-to-date for you to remain competitive in your respective industry. Change is the only constant thing in this business world, even with change in business location, you can enjoy so much flexibility as our UC solution possesses the ability to maintain the same company number and extension. Be it remote users or employees at Headquarter and Branches, Nubitel is the full suite cloud communication solution that enables communication via your desktop and/ or smart mobile devices and impress your customers by calling from your office extension, even when you’re not present in office, in a remote office or on the go.

Unified communication solution like Nubitel is your go-to solution for great call quality and boost your productivity with your preferred settings. Subscribe to Nubitel and enjoy our cost effective UC solution and reasonable international and national call rates.

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Why Nubitel Unified Communication Is The Way To Go?


Nubitel UC allows you to stay connected on the go with our mobile app or web-based softphone. Employees working from home can make or answer calls using the company phone number from their mobile, laptop or desktop remotely.

Low Cost

Enjoy lower IDD rates, and turn your business telephony system from Capital Expenses (CAPEX) modal to Operating Expenses (OPEX) modal. Pay only as you grow.

Quick & Inexpensive Set-Up

Easy plug and play business telephony system. Eliminating the need for complicated physical hardware telephony system setup even when you move your office.

All-In-One PBX Features

Enjoy the full professional PBX features, impress your customers. Easily setup IVR, call queues, business hour prompts, record and listen to call recordings.

Highly Secure & Uptime Guaranteed

Hosted on the cloud with enterprise-grade security, we also guarantee 99.95% uptime, with our carrier-class system.

Lower International Direct Dialing (IDD) Call Rates.

Stay connected with your customers and partners across the globe (more than 200 destinations) with low call charges.

Nubitel delivers unified communication as a cloud-based solution that enhances current
telephony services with sustainable, advanced unified communication features.

Personal Web Portal

Nubitel portal boosts your productivity with your preferred settings. Historical records of missed, incoming and outgoing calls can be viewed from the portal.

Mobile App (Available on both iOS and Android)

You can bring your business anywhere by using Nubitel's mobile app as it provides a full scope of Unified Communications features such as call, chat, conferencing and many more.

Personal Web Portal

Nubitel portal will boost your productivity with your preferred settings. Also, view historical records of missed, incoming and outgoing calls.

Mobile App

With Nubitel's mobile app you can take your business anywhere as the app offers a full scope of Unified Communications features such as call, chat, conferencing and many more.

All Essential Features, One Simple Subscription

Auto-Attendant (IVR)

System plays a message for incoming calls, Dial 1 for finance 2 for HR. Caller then dials the number to reach that department.

Extension Calls

Enjoy unlimited free calls between extensions, regardless of the location

Call Forwarding

Forward any incoming calls to the assigned number.

Call Transfer

Transfer incoming calls to the designated extensions to the right person.

3-Way Conferencing

Invite an additional person into the call for a 3-way conferencing call.

Simultaneous Ring

Set-up for simultaneous ring to the extensions within the team to ensure calls are not missed.

Voicemail to Email

Retrieve and listen to your voicemail from your email inbox.

Business Hours Notification

Inform your customers of your business hours for them to contact you at the right time.

Do Not Disturb

User can set on "Do Not Disturb" to prevent any incoming calls to their extensions.

Softphone for Windows & Mac

This allows you to accept or make calls from your desktop or laptop.

Softphone for Andriod & iOS

This enables you to receive or make calls from your mobile device.

Easy Plug & Play

Easy to set up, even when you are moving your office.

Inbound Calls

Receive incoming calls and answer them from anywhere on your mobile device.

Outbound Calls

Perform calls to people outside your organization with the lowest call rates.

Call History

historical records of who you missed, incoming and outgoing calls.

Shared Phone Number

Your business phone numbers are not restricted to one user, it can be shared among multiple users.

Direct Numbers

You can also assign direct numbers that people can directly reach you.

Call On Hold

Caller can be put on hold, especially when caller or receiver wished to verify something.

Activation Procedure

Activate Your Cloud Phone System within 2 days

1. Submit your enquiry with the form below

2. Quotation & Contract will be sent to you

3. Set Up & Configuration

4. Ready To Use

All Extensions Connected To The Cloud, Regardless Of Location.

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Nubitel is a Cloud Communication Solution Provider approved by IMDA

SBO (Class) Licence No.: CL000501
SBO (Individual) Licence No.: IN000650

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