Optimize Agent Efficiency with a Comprehensive All-in-One Omnichannel Platform

Say goodbye to the tedious routine of toggling between multiple screens to resolve a case. Access all relevant information and capabilities in one convenient tab.

Manage all customer interactions on a single screen

Full Omnichannel Capabilities

Agent Workbench unifies all major chat platforms, phone, email, and social media into a single interface.

Our chat module offers advanced features such as status segregation, campaign identification, skill-based routing, keyword urgency detection, and an assigned inbox tracker. These capabilities streamline communication and enhance operational efficiency.


Complete Customer Experience with Integrated Omnichannel Case Management System

Unified Case Management System for Enhanced Efficiency

The seamless integration with case management system provides customer service agents a comprehensive view of interactions, enhancing efficiency by allowing agents to manage and resolve cases from a single system.

Improve customer satisfaction with consistent, personalized support, as agents access the entire customer history in real-time.

Customer & Agent Experience Matters

With over two decades in the industry, innovation and design has been the backbone of our company – Nubitel, in the field of customer engagement solutions. ​​

Everything we do is centered around prioritizing the journey and experience of our customers and agents.​


Real-Time Guidance for Improved Call Effectiveness

Empower your agents with real-time guidance cards and checklists during live customer interactions.

These tools provide reminders and tips, ensuring smoother conversations that boost call effectiveness and customer satisfaction (CSAT). They also enhance compliance, script adherence, quality scores, upsell opportunities, and accelerate the onboarding of new agents.


Comprehensive Agent Monitoring: A 360-Degree View with Real-time Statistics

Through real-time monitoring, supervisors can listen to live calls, view chat sessions, and track ongoing interactions, gaining valuable insights into agent performance and customer sentiment.

This continuous oversight helps in identifying training needs, monitoring adherence to company protocols, and ensuring quality control across all customer service channels.


Improves customer satisfaction by reducing waiting time

Our callback feature enhances customer service by eliminating long hold times. Customers can request an automatic return call, preserving their queue position, or schedule a call preview before the appointed time.

This ensures convenience and reliability, significantly boosting customer satisfaction and retention


Integrate Omnichannel Features Seamlessly with Your CRM of Choice

Nubitel CX is designed to interface smoothly with Salesforce and MS Dynamics. This core integration empowers your organization to efficiently manage and optimize all client interactions directly within your preferred CRM environment.

By integrating Nubitel CX, you can enhance productivity, streamline workflows, and deliver exceptional customer experiences without the hassle of switching between platforms.


Reward Agent Performance and Boost Team Morale

Agent reward system significantly enhances employee motivation, productivity, and job satisfaction. By recognizing and rewarding outstanding performance, companies foster a positive work environment, encouraging agents to consistently deliver high-quality service.

This also helps in retaining top talent, reducing turnover rates, and promoting a culture of excellence.

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