Digital Transformation For All Your Business Communication Needs With Nubitel

Unified Communications

Cloud-Based VOIP Telephony Service

  • Nubitel UC, a Cloud-based business VOIP Telephony Service, uses the newest VoIP technologies to deliver all PBX phone services to you through the Internet.
  • Nubitel UC enables MNCs, SMEs and Start-ups to manage various forms of communication with its substantial features.

Omnichannel Cloud Customer Interaction

Cloud-based Omnichannel Customer Engagement platform

  • Nubitel CX is a cloud-based omnichannel customer engagement platform which leverages on the WebRTC technology to provide comprehensive as well as centralized customer engagement solution across channels such as Click2Call, voice calls, video calls, chat, social medias, e-mails and instant messaging on WhatsApp, WeChat and more.
  • Nubitel CX enables companies to exceed their customer experience goals to create outstanding customer engagement, without the hassle and high upfront investments.

AI-Powered Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence Virtual Assistants and Email Bots

  • Nubibot enables businesses to implement Virtual Assistants to help and improve their customer experience 24/7. Nubibot allows you to create, manage and track your AI-powered chatbots easily.
  • Complemented with Nubitel CX, Nubibot enables businesses to provide a seamless customer engagement experience to their customers.

Cloud-Based CRM

Customer Relationship Management System

  • Nubidesk is a cloud-based CRM that allows customers information sharing between different business units in a company. This affordable and feature-rich solution is able to manage interactions via various channels such as Email, Phone, Social Media and WebChat. Nubidesk's features include Report, Script and Case Management, Click-to-Dial, Chat Interaction and many more.


Brought to you by Microtel Technology, the customer interaction management solutions company that has been helping MNCs, SMEs and Government for 18 years.

Carrier Class System

Nubitel’s Cloud Customer Engagement Solution is a carrier class system that boosts 99.999% system reliability and stability.

Simple To Use

Customer Service can be complicated and tricky. The tools that you use shouldn't be.


Scale up or down with Nubitel’s Unified Communications. Pay for only what you use, integrate with other tools to match your business needs.


Access Nubitel Cloud Communication solutions from anywhere via any device with internet access.


The Latest Award-Winning Solution

With AI-powered technology in Nubitel’s cloud communication solution, including voicebots and chatbots, you are able to automate basic tasks. Chat interactions can be transferred to agents if complicated issue detected by bot. The full transcript between customer and bot will be passed to the agent to handle the interaction with better understanding on the issue. We use speech analytics to track and obtain in-depth insights about your customers’ emotions as well as your agents’ performance. Such technology is rare to find in Singapore.

Create the Highest Satisfaction Level from Agent and Customer Experience

A right cloud customer engagement solution can provide your employees the only tool they needed to be more effective and meet your customer expectations. Nubitel’s Cloud Contact Center Solutions integrate the latest technology advancement with your existing CRM systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, SugarCRM and Zendesk. This helps to identify your customer identity immediately and fix the issues promptly. Deliver the service your customers desire at their preferred channels.

Living in a competitive business world like Singapore, you may risk your business by not updating your cloud contact center solutions. Make sure you have the most up-to-date software and leverage it fully for the wellbeing of your business goals as a lot of companies invest a lot on SaaS products but they don’t use it at the full extent. Let us help you increase your team productivity and fulfill your business’ SLAs with more transparency in your journey of improving customer engagements.

Optimize your Customer Experience with Nubitel CX’s Customer Engagement Solution:

  • Simplified software deployment that can increase cost efficiency and business agility.
  • A complete Omnichannel Customer Engagement platform that can set up and manage multichannel campaigns (voice, video, email, web chat, social media) from a single interface.
  • With a WebRTC-enabled browser, your remote agents are always ready to fulfill your customers' needs.
  • Simplified software deployment that can increase cost efficiency and business agility.
  • A complete Omnichannel Customer Engagement platform that can set up and manage multichannel campaigns (voice, video, email, web chat, social media) from a single interface.
  • With a WebRTC-enabled browser, your remote agents are always ready to fulfill your customers' needs.
  • Nubitel is the Next Generation Internet Protocol (IP) based Multimedia Customer Service Solution that offers full contact management across voice, video, instant messaging and e-mail. Its standards-based IP architecture addresses your business needs for a more flexible environment and allows the deployment of new business models in the contact center. Your business definitely requires you to stay relevant and competitive to your staff and customers as their expectations change from time to time. A cloud call center solution that creates truly connected experience is a must-have solution to attract and retain the best talent and win your loyal customers.
  • Nubitel is a more scalable and more cost-effective pay-per-use cloud contact center software for your business without being restricted to contracts for one or two years. Nubitel has the full package that includes forecasting, scheduling, employee training, reporting for the daily operations of a call center. Cloud call center solutions enable your employees to have access to this Nubitel’s Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform from anywhere, eliminating the need for a physical office and create a virtual call center. This is a solution that supports your customer service agents who are dispersed geographically across different regions to provide the best customer service interactions. At the same time, your customers get to have prompt reply from your agent that solves their problem. With Nubitel’s customer service solutions, you will see how well your business engage with customers and how satisfied they are with the online customer service experience that your business provides.
  • Nubitel’s Call Center Solution is a modernized management method through the use of top-notch cloud communication technologies. This can be one of the ways to retain real talent for your company. It’s a known fact that call center has high employee turnover rate. The cost to hire and train replacement employees is very high if the working condition continues to be the same. Smart companies measure their employee satisfaction and act to minimize turnover. It is always cheaper to make your employees motivated and productive rather than having spiritless and uninspiring employees. Nubitel’s Gamification is a disruptive module that challenges employees in their daily job through a series of interactive gaming experiences aiming to boost motivation, improve performance and skills of your customer service agents. Your agents will be awarded by their progress and achievements, in an appealing and fun working environment as a player, while meeting your company goals.
  • “Plan your work and work your plan.” Another outstanding module in Nubitel is Workforce Optimization, a management tool that aims to optimize your business operations and manage efficiently the scheduling of your teams. It predicts volumes of future interactions based on previous history and based on your desired service levels, it sets ideal timetables, shifts, breaks and generates reports in real-time. Plan ahead with the prediction that accommodates to the capacity of your team, helping to increase efficiency and productivity.
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How Nubitel UC’s Cloud VOIP Telephony enables mobility in your team:

  • Seamless mobile access that connects employees, locations and devices with just one communication system.
  • Show your office number wherever you call or receive customers call from your smartphone.
  • VOIP Telephony System that can run on a parallel system or even be installed on the same hardware.
  • Just a few clicks away to 3-Way Conferencing that connects multiple parties at once even across different geographical locations.
nubitel customer service

How to improve Customer Experience with Nubitel’s chatbot and email bots:

  • Decrease the response time to handle customer queries.
  • Own your customized Chatbot that fits your business need.
  • Serve your customers 24/7.
  • Allow seamless transfer to live agents.

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