Connect with your customers via their preferred channels.

Nubitel CX offers a complete omnichannel customer engagement solution that can streamline all of your favourite channels into a single interface.

Create the highest satisfaction level from agent and customer experience

An omnichannel customer service approach is essential in today’s customer-centric business world. By offering multiple channels of communication and a consistent experience, you can enhance customer satisfaction and build long-lasting loyalty.​

Nubitel CX provides more than just an omnichannel platform

Seamlessly integrate with solutions that complete your call centre system:

Integrate case management system seamlessly with social communication channels

By analyzing customer sentiments, you can identify and address issues, leading to more personalized and empathetic interactions. This leads to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Implementing chatbot technology can give your business a competitive edge by providing superior customer service and improving overall efficiency.

Use Cases

Nubitel’s Omnichannel Customer Engagement Solution can be applied across various industries, including:


Enhance customer support and increase conversion rates by offering a seamless and personalized experience.

Banking and Finance

Improve customer service and increase customer loyalty in the highly competitive financial sector.


Streamline patient interactions and improve the overall patient experience.


Provide a personalized shopping experience and improve customer satisfaction.

Why Adopt Nubitel CX

Nubitel Cloud Omnichannel Customer Engagement Solution is a powerful tool that enables businesses to streamline the way they engage with their customers. By unifying communication channels and providing a 360° view of each customer, Nubitel empowers businesses to deliver seamless, efficient, and personalized interactions.

With over two decades in the industry, innovation and design has been the backbone of our company in the field of customer engagement solutions. Everything we do is centered around prioritizing the journey and experience of our customers and agents.

Flexible & Scalable​

Personalized customer experiences and developer options.​


Optimized for cloud, such as microservices, auto scaling and container orchestrators.​

Secure & Reliable​

Count on guaranteed uptime,​ high performance interaction​ channels, and stringent security.


Designed for optimal user experience and easy adoption rate

Route calls to the right agents with Intelligent Voice Routing

Nubitel CX uses skill-based routing (SBR) to route customer calls to the most appropriate agent based on the agent’s skills, expertise, or knowledge, rather than random.​

Skill-based routing can improve the customer experience by ensuring that each interaction is handled by an agent who is well-equipped to address the customer’s needs. ​

This can lead to faster resolution times, reduced call transfers, and higher customer satisfaction rates

Agent Assist: Maintain consistency in responses and deliver high-quality customer experience

Nubitel CX’s Agent Script function allows supervisors to set standardized prompts, questions, and guidance for agents to ensure they follow best practices.

Agent Scripts enhances the agent’s experience because the timely suggestions improve the ability of the agent to respond. Hence, businesses can cut down on training costs and time.

Improve your customer experience with live monitoring

Live monitoring plays a critical role in ensuring high-quality customer service and helping agents perform at their best.​

By listening in on live customer calls, supervisors can provide feedback to agents on their performance and customer interactions, helping them improve their skills and provide better service.​

Create an effective customer journey with a simple drag-and-drop flow designer

A clear visual display of the customer journey, the Interaction Flow Designer is a simple and intuitive GUI drag-and-drop editor for setting up menus and configuring new flows according to business rules. ​

Achieve exceptional customer resolution rate and performance

Nubitel CX enables contact centre performance monitoring and provides data-driven insights for strategic decision-making. Gain the insights you need to deliver exceptional agent performance and overall customer satisfaction.

Voice Engagement for Contact Centres

A modern voice engagement is crucial for contact centres that want to deliver a high-quality customer experience.​

The dial pad provides the agent with all the required telephony operations such as hold, mute, video call, transfer, or conference.

Integrate with Business Tools

Just one click separates you from transforming your contact centre solution with a unified API for effortlessly expanding multiparty conversations.

Omnichannel Customer Engagement Solution Features

In an era where customer experience is paramount, Nubitel is the key to unlocking higher customer satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately driving business success. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your customer engagement – give Nubitel a try today!

Reporting & Performance
Post-call Survey
Digital Engagement
Agent Reward System
Agent Script
Outbound Campaign
Sentiment Analysis
IVR Flow
Priority Routing

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