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To revolutionize the customer engagement landscape in the region by providing a complete cloud-based solution

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  • Malaysia
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We aim to empower businesses to deliver superior customer experiences and gain a competitive advantage in their respective markets

Our Milestones

Nubitel was created by Microtel Technology to offer a comprehensive suite of Customer Engagement Solutions, including Cloud Contact Centre Solutions, Case Management Systems, and Unified Communication Solutions, all delivered through the cloud.

Year 2003

Started off with the distribution of telecommunication products

Year 2004

Microtel Malaysia was set up and expanded into voice loggers, PBXs and audio gateways.

Year 2006

Shifted focus from hardware-based products to Call Centre Systems and Case Management Systems

Year 2013

Expanded our own development team to develop an in-house Case Management System

Year 2017

The brand name “Nubitel” was created to host a range of on-cloud customer engagement solutions

Year 2018
  • Developed an in-house chatbot platform “Nubibot” as a on-cloud offering
  • Nubitel CX was introduced as an omnichannel contact centre solution 
  • Microtel received our Service-based Operations (SBO) class and individual licenses.
Year 2019

Nubitel Speech Analytics with AI was introduced as part of our customer engagement solutions.

Year 2020
  • Started incorporated front-end and design as part of our development team
  • Developed our own Speech Analytics solution
Year 2022

Developed and launched our own Nubitel CX cloud omnichannel engagement solution 

We keep up with the latest trends in the customer engagement space

Throughout the past two decades, Nubitel has consistently demonstrated its ability to evolve and navigate within a fast-paced and competitive environment. We remain committed to our focus on innovation and technology, diligently crafting solutions that strike the perfect balance between digitalization and human interactions.

In an ever-changing landscape, one has to constantly adapt and embrace technology and innovation to remain relevant and to grow. The growth in A.I. Technology is spawning various new customer engagements touchpoints and organisations are quickly adapting to this new found social interactions that proves popular amongst the younger generation.

Our Core Values

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Unwavering Integrity and Respect

We firmly uphold the principles of integrity and respect in all our endeavors. Our actions are guided by an unshakable commitment to honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct. We treat every individual with the utmost respect, valuing their unique perspectives and contributions. By embracing unwavering integrity and respect, we foster a culture of trust, fairness, and inclusivity that defines our organization's character and drives our success.

Loyalty to Our Purpose and People

Loyalty is the cornerstone of our identity, fostering unwavering dedication to our mission, team, and customers. We recognize that shared success relies on trust, enduring support, and commitment to common goals. This loyalty to our purpose and people inspires us to go the extra mile, ensuring our partnerships and relationships endure, thereby propelling us toward sustainable growth. Whether you're a dedicated employee nurturing company loyalty or a loyal customer upholding brand allegiance, our unyielding bond of loyalty unites us, forming the most invaluable currency in today's ever-evolving business landscape.

Dedication to Excellence in Service

At our core, we are unwavering in our dedication to our staff and customers. We prioritize their well-being, growth, and satisfaction, understanding that our success is built upon the strong foundation of their dedication and loyalty. Our commitment to excellence in service is a testament to our enduring promise to provide the utmost care, support, and value to both our team members and customers.

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