Bring Interactive Website and App to your Customers with Nubitel's Click2Interact Function

Messaging has transformed the way and channel customers communicate with business. Customers nowadays expect to involve in engaging and instant conversations.

By adding the Click2Interact function from Nubitel to your web portal or mobile applications, your customers are allowed to contact your customer service or helpdesk hotline via VoIP directly from the browser or mobile app with no call charges to your customers. Your customers can also reach your business via Video Calls and Live Chat.

Maximize the ultimate messaging experience

Deliver the unexpected experience users have when they come to your website and mobile application
Increase meaningful chat interaction
Connecting chat to website and mobile app has become easier with Nubitel. Your business will be packed with top-notch chat features to ease your customers to interact with your business faster.
Deliver rich experiences across channels
Support a variety of media types in messaging and enable your business to seamlessly transfer conversations without losing context or history.
Launch different form of interactions
Add Click-To-Interact Function to your site to get different inbound form of interactions such as Audio, Video or Chat. With this implementation, your customers can have an easier way to reach your business.
Rich communication media support
Send emojis, images and videos or show customized rich content such as product cards and special offers. links, buttons, quick replies, postbacks and carousels to make chat interaction with your business more fun.

A Complete Customer Engagement Tool
Everything you need to connect with your customers

Nubitel Click2Interact Modules for Web, iOS and Android allow your business to leverage new customer experiences that connect your brands and customers together in new and exciting ways.
By embedding this function in your portal or mobile app, your customers can reach your customer service or helpdesk via a live chat. You can also add a Virtual Chatbot to front your live chats so that they can assist to filter out FAQs
While browsing through your website, your customers can simply click on the Click2Call button to reach your business hotline directly from their PC, smartphone or tablet without any call charges, this would be even better for your customers from overseas, where they do not have to incur IDD call charges to enquire about your business and still be able to talk to a live customer service officer.
Aside from Chats & Calls, you are able to add in a new avenue for your customers to contact your business via Video Calls directly from your mobile app or website. This enables a Virtual Over-the-Counter offering to your customers or any consulting services without requiring your customers to be physically present at your premises.
Click2Callback enables your customers to leave a call back request directly to your business with preferred time & date. These call back requests are then automatically passed to the Nubitel's automated dialer. When the time and date come, the Nubitel system will automatically trigger the call back to the customer.


Persistent and consistent conversations
Provide users a seamless experience by retaining context across your website and in-app messaging.
Typing indicators and timestamps
Send messages and inform users about the latest info or answer their inquiries. Provide a new real-time messaging experience that users love.
Chat analysis report
Get your In-depth report on chat interactions and improve based on the insights and performance.
Message storage
Fret not about your database storage. Every single message is available in the Nubitel Cloud from any device.


Automate conversations
Easily add bots, design flows and transfer to live agent. Send automated messages triggered directly from specific in-app events.
Build conversational intelligence
Start conversations by just integrating with leading translation, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) engines.
Monitor and manage conversation participants
Identify multiple agents, chatbots and other conversation participants in the messaging user interface (UI).
Better understand user intent
Leverage mobile app and website content to inform automated flows, detect intent and react to user intent with accurate info.

A platform for your business to manage interaction and engage with customers
Businesses can connect with users and deliver superb user experience on web and mobile app

Benefits of Nubitel's Click2Interact

Capture and convert leads 24/7
Immediate engagement with potential customers by having interactive website and mobile app

Easier for customers to reach your business
Reduce manual dialing and save cost for your customers to contact your business.

Backed by high performance infrastructure
Deliver messages with minimal latency and guaranteed service-level agreements (SLAs).

End-to-end encryption ready
Encrypt conversations for full data privacy and security.

Easy to implement
Integrate with CRM and Chatbot to store customer profile and response immediately to enquiries.

Start Interacting with Your Customers from Your Website.

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